Animal Core Facility

Integrated on the basis of former Animal Core Facility of Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology in 2000, the current Animal Core Facility of CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science (Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology) plays a crucial role in public services and technical support. By adhering to the principle of scientific research services, the Animal Core Facility implements the Director responsibility system under the leadership of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

The Facility is equipped with a specialized and competent service team in reasonable echelon. Among the total 55 employees, 46 of them are under staffing of government affiliated institutions (three doctors, four masters and 39 graduated from colleges and junior colleges based on educational background; four with senior titles, 12 with intermediate titles and 25 with junior titles), and the remaining nine of them are contract labors. The Facility consists of four departments, Animal Care Department, Embryo Manipulation Department, Instrument Service Department and Quality Assurance Department. The Facility is provided with a complete set of experimental animal facilities distributed on the 16th /17th floor of the Biological and Chemical building, No.22 and No.53 buildings . With a total construction area of 4500 square meters, the Facility has 22,072 mouse cages, 100 rat cages and 16 isolators with barrier and IVC feeding system. The genetic engineering mice strains preserved have exceeded 1,100 till now. With first-class mouse embryo manipulation technology in hand, the Embryo Manipulation Department is capable of providing services such as embryo cryopreservation, sperm cryopreservation, biological purification, in vitro fertilization and blastocyst injection. The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for examination of animal experimental plans, regular monitoring of experimented mice and facility environment, thus effectively safeguarding the welfare ethics and quality control of animal experiments. The Facility has a set of equipment for phenotypic analysis, including the animal behavior analysis systems, optical in vivo imaging instruments, X-ray irradiation instruments, metabolic cages, micro-computed tomography, blood biochemical detectors of blood cells, ultrasound scanners, microinjectors, control rate freezers and other research instruments, which enable its technical support for animal behavioral study, imaging, metabolism, blood physiological and biochemical index detection etc. The facility annually undertakes nearly 10 thousand batches of various animal experiments which cover 60 research teams inside and outside the institute.

By relying on the solid scientific strengths of the institute and through concerted efforts made by the team, we are striving to establish a comprehensive support facility featured by pioneered technology, perfect function and top-graded services, so as to make contributions to the smooth progress of researches in our institute and the development of basic research in biological science of China.

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