Chemical Biology Core Facility

Rapid advances in life sciences are uncovering an increasing number of molecular targets relevant to human diseases. While genetic approaches are useful to evaluate the role of these molecular targets in cellular processes and human diseases, small molecules represent valuable orthogonal reagents permitting the interrogation of cellular processes and therapeutic development. Advances in laboratory automation, coupled with the ability to assemble and manage large libraries of small molecule compounds, have created unprecedented opportunities for new biomedical discoveries. Now it is convenient to screen hundreds of thousands of small molecules in assays involving purified proteins, cultured cell lines, or whole organisms.
Recognizing the importance of small molecules in basic and translational research, Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology has committed the establishment of the Chemical Biology Core Facility in order to facilitate the identification of chemical tools to study biological pathways and the discovery of lead compounds for the development of novel therapeutics.
The mission of CBCF is to provide IBCB investigators with access to libraries of structurally-diverse, drug-like small molecule compounds for screening in biological assays provided by the investigators. This would enable the investigators to discover small molecule tools for basic research, therapeutic development and diagnostic applications.
Facility staff are also ready to get involved closely with each investigator through all stages of the screening process, or even collaborating with PIs in high throughput screening at the facility.

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