BAO Lan Protein trafficking and pain
CHEN Jianfeng Cell adhesion molecules
CHEN Jiangye Fungal morphogenesis
CHEN Lingling Long non-coding RNA and stem cell
CHEN Luonan Computational systems biology and network biology
CHEN Yong Structural Biology of epigenetic regulation of chromatin
CHEN Zhengjun Phosphoprotein signaling network, Cell Polarity
CHENG Hong Regulation of gene expression
CHENG Xin Directed Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
DING Jianping Structural Biology of Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression
GAO Daming Cancer signaling and metabolism
GE Gaoxiang Microenvironment & cancer
HONG Guofan Nodulation & nitrogen fixation
HU Hongyu Protein Misfolding and Quality Control
HU Ronggui (Cory) Regulated Proteolysis and Molecular Recognition
HUI Jingyi Gene Expression Regulation by RNA Binding Proteins
HUI Lijian Liver diseases:molecular pathology
JI Hongbin Lung carcinogenesis
JIANG Hai Personalized cancer therapy & drug development
LI Boliang ACAT expression & diseases
LI Dangsheng Guest Professor
LI Dianfan Protein Sciences; Membrane Protein Structure Biology
LI Jinsong Somatic reprogramming
LI Lin Cellular signaling network
LI Yiping Germ cells & embryonic development
LI Zhenfei Tumor metabolism and precise medicine for prostate cancer
LIN Qishui Biological membrane
LIU Mofang Function and mechanism of noncoding RNA in cancer and mammal spermatogenesis
LIU Xiaolong Thymocyte development
LIU Xinyuan Erdication of cancer
MENG Fei-Long Immune diversity
PEI Gang Cellular signaling & diseases
QI Zhengwu Active peptides & protease inhibitors
SONG Xinyang Mucosal homeostasis and disease
SUN Bing Molecular immunology
SUN Liming Cell Death
WANG Sheng Functional and Structural Pharmacology of Membrane Protein
WANG Enduo Regulation of protein biosynthesis
WANG Guangchuan Cancer immune evasion and immunotherapy
WANG Hongyan Immune cells, Inflammation and Immune-mediated Inflammatory Diseases
WU Jiarui Protein network & system biology
WU Ligang miRNA,siRNA & gene regulation
WU Wei Bioinformatics & Genome Instability
XU Guoliang DNA methylation & development
XU Chenqi lymphocyte and disease
YANG Hui Molecular mechanism of RNA mediated regulation of gene expression
ZENG An Stem cell regulation and tissue regeneration
ZENG Yi Adult stem cell regulation and tumorigenesis
ZENG Rong Proteomics & protein dynamics
ZHANG Yonglian Sperm maturation in epididymis
ZHAO Yun Signaling pathway
ZHOU Bin Lineage Tracing and Cell Plasticity
ZHOU Bo hematopoietic stem cell
ZHOU Jinqiu Chromatin structure and function
ZHOU Xiao-Long RNA metabolism and mitochondrial diseases
ZHU Xueliang Mitosis & cellular motility
ZOU Weiguo Mechanism of skeletal development and remodeling