Core Facility for Fruit Fly

The core facility of Drosophila Resource and Technology (BCFly) is located in Shanghai. He was established in october, 2009 and started running from 1st March, 2010. He is the first core facility of Drosophila in China. He collects, maintains and distributes Drosophila strains and provided microinjection service on Drosophila for all of researcher around the world. a centralized access to one of the principle units of the Advanced Biotechnology Core Facilities at Center for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science(CEMCS). We can get many knowledge of Drosophila as well as to get the service.

The facility provides the following eight aspects of services:
1. Trainning for genectic technology; 
2. Medium(food)preparing;
3. Private stock maintains;
4. Fly stock distribution;
5. Gene cloning;
6. Microinjection;
7. Gene knock out;
8. Experimental consumables(dissection dishes, etc.)

Contact us
Director: Wei Wu, Ph.D
Contact: Wei Wu
Address: 320 yueyang road,new building 212
Post Code: 200031
Telephone: 86-21-54921396